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Jobs in Montserrat: Overview to Employment Opportunities at Montserrat Monastery, Spain

Covid-19 update

According to the latest official Covid measures in Catalonia, there are no more mobility restrictions within Catalonia since 26 April 2021, which means travelling between Montserrat and Barcelona is allowed. We recommend you visit our Barcelona latest Covid updates page for the latest Covid-related updates in Barcelona.

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Montserrat is a large institution that is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year - this ensures that there is an abundance of jobs at the Monastery. If you are looking for work at Montserrat, there is no specific application form to fill in. However, if you get in contact with the Monastery, they will let you know if there are any jobs available.

Jobs at Montserrat are available in areas including:

  • Working in the tourist office
  • Cleaning jobs
  • Hotel and apartment work
  • Guided tours
  • If you are hoping to get a job at Montserrat, it will be essential that you can speak both Catalan and Castellano fluently. After that, due to the fact that Montserrat is a major tourist attraction, it helps to have other languages such as English, German, French or Italian.

    Contact details to find out about jobs available at Montserrat

    If you would like to find out whether there are current employment opportunities at Montserrat, you will need to contact their main information service. You will then be put in touch with the necessary department to find out about what jobs might be available and what the application process is.

    Monestir de Montserrat
    08199 Montserrat, España.

    Tel (Information Line): +34 93 877 7701
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Montserrat is a stunning place that a lot of people would like to spend a summer working at. However, enquire in advance and make sure you are up on your language skills and you could be in with a chance of getting a job there.

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