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A View of Montserrat
A View of Montserrat
Although our website covers most of what you need to know for a trip to Monsterrat from a visitor's perspecitive the official websites for Montserrat go into specific fine details.

This page will provide links to all of the official websites in relation to Montserrat Monastery and Montserrat Mountain.

There will also be short descriptions of what each website is useful for, what languages they are available in and how to navigate your way around the websites.

Book tickets for your half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona with return journey

There are two organized tours that save you the time and trouble of organizing your own trip to Montserrat. They include return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat in an air conditioned bus. You can choose either a half day morning tour or half day afternoon tour.

Morning Tour

Booking Information Click here to book your tickets online for the Montserrat Morning guided tour leaving from Barcelona

Montserrat tourist board official website

The Visit Montserrat Official Tourism Website

If you are planning a general tourist trip to Montserrat this is the website that you are likely to find the most useful. It will provide you with information on the following topics:

  • How to get to Montserrat: information on car, coach, train, cable car and walking options for getting to Montserrat.
  • Accommodation in Montserrat: hotel and apartment information with details on how to book.
  • Tour information: details on the different tours available at Montserrat, plus how to book them.
  • Catering details: opening times, locations, reservation details and what to expect from all of the different restaurants and cafes in Montserrat.
  • Shopping details: information on what different shops are available in Montserrat and what each one sells.
  • Contact details: information on how to contact Montserrat, with different contact details depending on what you require e.g. reservation, tourist enquiries etc.
  • Virtual tours: there are various virtual tours available on the site, including a general tour of the Monastery grounds, tours of the restaurants and of the accommodation.
  • Interactive map: there is a map of the Monastery grounds allowing you to click on various buildings and areas to gain a more detailed insight into what each place or area has to offer.
  • It is available in the following languages:
    Castellano (Spanish)

    The official Montserrat Monastery website

    Abadia de Montserrat - Montserrat Monastery's Website

    This website deals more specifically with the religious aspects of Montserrat Monastery and the daily running of Monastery life. It will provide you with information on the following topics:

  • Agenda for the year of the Monastery with dates and times for masses and choral concerts.
  • Transcripts of the homilies from the masses at Montserrat (unfortunately these are only available in Castellano).
  • Timely news on Montserrat relating to topics such as new additions to the museum, a new organ in the basilica etc.
  • Contact details for if you would like to get in touch directly with the monks - you are likely to want to do this to organise a retreat, request a special prayer in a mass etc.
  • It is available in the following languages:
    Castellano (Spanish)

    Montserrat Cable Car Website

    Aeri de Montserrat - the Official Montserrat Cable Car Website

    The Aeri de Montserrat Cable Car
    The Aeri de Montserrat Cable Car

    This is the website for information regarding the cable car that can take you from the bottom of Montserrat Mountain to Montserrat Monastery. This website does provide with all of the necessary details for catching the cable car:

  • Price, location and running times of the cable car.
  • Size, capacity and journey length of the cable car trip.
  • The history of the cable car and information on what you can expect to see during the cable car journey.
  • It is available in the following languages:
    Castellano (Spanish)

    Montserrat Natural Parks

    Portals de Montserrat - Official Website for Montserrat Natural Park

    Montserrat Monastery is located at the heart of Montserrat Natural Park. Within Montserrat Natural Park there are five different areas: Montserrat, Marganell, Monistrol, El Bruc and Collbato. If you would like to gain a little more knowledge of the area surrounding Montserrat monastery, this is a good place to start. Unfortunately the website is only available in Catalan.

    You can gain information in relation to each of the five areas on the following:

  • History and description of the area.
  • Address of town hall and tourist information
  • Driving instructions on how to get to each village.
  • Listings of the accommodation and eateries in each area.
  • It is available in the following languages:

    There are a range of official websites relating to Montserrat. Once you have figured out which website most suits your needs you will find it much easier and quicker to locate the information that you are after.

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