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Tourism Offices in Montserrat: Tourist Information Points in Montserrat Monastery

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There are a total of four tourism offices at Montserrat. There are three actually at Montserrat Monastery itself and another at the Cremallera de Monistrol de Vila rack railway stop. This page will give you information on the tourist information stands at Montserrat: where they are located, the opening times and the services that they can provide.

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Locations of the information points in Montserrat

The main tourist information office at Montserrat sits directly opposite the Cremallera de Montserrat (Montserrat's rack railway) building. It is inside an office, is open all year round and has between two to three staff working there at all times.

Tourist Information Kiosk in Montserrat
Tourist Information Kiosk in Montserrat

There are also two kiosk information stands at Montserrat Monastery. One of these is located right outside the Cremallera de Montserrat rack railway station. As you leave the railway building you will see it on your right.

There is a second kiosk located at the top of the car park. This kiosk sits next to the Mirador dels Apostols building, to the far left of the Montserrat Monastery if you have your back to the Cremallera de Montserrat rack railway station.

Tourist Office at the Cremallera de Monistrol de Vila in Montserrat
Tourist Office at the Cremallera de Monistrol de Vila in Montserrat

The fourth Montserrat tourist information office is not actually located at Montserrat Monastery itself. It is located next to the ticket booths at the Cremallera de Monistrol de Vila rack railway stop. This is the rack railway stop that you will get on at if you have come with a coach trip or by car (if you do not park at Montserrat itself). If you are coming on the train from Barcelona, this is a the rack railway stop after the one at which you will catch the rack railway.

At the Cremallera de Monistrol de Vila rack railway stop you will find the tourist information desk located to the right of the ticket booths at the next window along.

For details of the locations of all of the tourist information offices at Montserrat, check our Map of Montserrat page.

Opening times

Tourist Information office opening times vary depending on the time of the year and the weather. Therefore, all of the times given below are subject to change.

Main Tourist Information Office and Cremallera de Monistrol Vila Tourist Office:

Month Day Time
January - February Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 18:00
March - September Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 19:30
October - December Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 18:00


The kiosks are only open during the summer months (see above).

Every day:  09:00 - 16:00

What information can I get?

Tourist Information are available to answer any of your questions about Montserrat Monastery. If they cannot deal with your questions directly, they will direct you to the right person to deal with your query.

At Tourist Information they can provide you with a map of the Monastery and direct you to anywhere specific that you would like to go to.

They can also provide you with a leaflet with information on the different walks that you can do around Montserrat mountain. This leaflet is not particularly detailed, so if you would like further information, see our Montserrat Walks page.

They will also let you know about the different guided tours that are available at Montserrat and let you know when the ones are taking place in the language that you need. Regarding the tours, it is worth remembering that there may not be that many taking place in the language that you need on the day of your visit. For that reason it is easier to check in advance when the different tours will be taking place. Check the Official Montserrat Monastery website for more details.

You can purchase tickets for the Montserrat Museum and the Espai Audio Visual at Tourist Information.

They will also let you know the times of the Masses and the Choral concerts in the Basilica.

Tip If you need help with the more spiritual side of Montserrat, for example a retreat or special prayers by the priest, you will need to contact the Monks directly. There is a team known as the Centro de Co-ordinacion Pastoral who will deal with your queries. For full information on how to get into contact with them, see our Montserrat Retreats page.

The tourist information stands can be a very good staring point for a trip to Montserrat. Drop in to pick up a map and enquire about anything in particular that might be taking place on the day of your visit. The staff tend to be very helpful and can communicate in different languages.

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