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Cheap Hotels in Montserrat: Affordable Accommodation On and Close to Montserrat Monastery, Spain

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Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol
Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol
If you are looking for some cheap hotels to stay in that are close to Montserrat, you will find that you may need to stay in the areas surrounding Montserrat, rather than at Montserrat Monastery itself. There are four main villages that sit close to Montserrat Monastery, at the bottom of Montserrat Mountain. These towns are called Marganell, Monistrol, El Bruc and Collbato. Unfortunately, there are no hotels in Marganell.

When deciding where to stay you will need to consider your transport options to Montserrat - not all of the towns provide transport links to the Monastery. You may also wish to do some research into the background and history of each of these small towns - they all have their own atmospheres and points of interest and this could play a part in where you decide to stay. If you are a walker, you could possible be equally as interested in the area surrounding Montserrat Monastery as you are in visiting the Monastery itself. If this is the case then a stay in one of the hostals or hotels in one of the villages could be equally as convenient for you.

This page will provide listings for all of the cheap accommodation options in the towns surrounding Montserrat Monastery - with addresses, telephone numbers and websites (where there is one). There will also be a short description of the village and information on how to get to Montserrat Monastery from the town.

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Tip If you would like further information regarding staying at Montserrat itself, see our Apartment Montserrat page for information on the self catering lodgings at Montserrat and our Montserrat Hotel page for information on the Abat Cisneros Hotel that is located at Montserrat Monastery.

Cheap hotels in Monistrol

Hostal La Barca Bar Restaurant
Carretera Abrera-Manresa, km 13
08691 Monistrol de Montserrat, España.


E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +34 93 131 5777

The View from Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol
The View from Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol

Hostal Guilleumes
Carrer Guilleumes, 3
08691 Monistrol de Montserrat, España.


Tel: +34 93 828 4065

For a full review of Hostal Guilleumes, see our Hostal Guileumes Review page. Here you can learn about the number of rooms, facilities, restaurant and general standards of Hostal Guilleumes.

Information about Monistrol

Monistrol is the only one of the villages surrounding Montserrat that offers public transport to Montserrat Monastery. From Monistrol you can take the rack railway from the Cremallera de Monistrol Vila station to Montserrat (for further details, see our Rack railway to Montserrat page).

Monistrol is a village with 2665 inhabitants in an area of 12km2. It sits within Montserrat's natural park (see below for more details). The river Llobregat runs through the centre of the village. The town boasts a Gothic Bridge that runs over the River Llobregat. From Monistrol village you can gain views of the Montserrat Mountain, plus images of Montserrat Monastery from below.

Cheap hotels in El Bruc

Hotel Bruc
Autovia A2 Barcelona-Lleida, Km 570
Salida Montserrat-Manresa
08294 El Bruc, España.


Tel: +34 93 771 0061 / +34 93 771 0251

Information about El Bruc

Unfortunately, there are no direct transport links from El Bruc to Montserrat. Therefore, if you wish to travel from El Bruc to Montserrat you will need to have a car.

El Bruc is a village with 1456 inhabitants - it is 46.76 km2 in size. It is part of Montserrat Mountain - sitting in its south western slopes. It is a place of historical interest due to the fact that in 1808, during the invasion of Napoleon, two French troops were defeated by the Catalan resistance in a battle called the Battle of Bruc.

Cheap Hotels in Collbató

Hotel Can Missé
Carrer Amadeu Vives, 9
08293 Collbató, España.


Tel: +34 93 777 9061

Information about Collbató

It is possible to walk from Collbato to Montserrat Monastery as there is a pathway leading between the two places. It is estimated that the walk will take approximately 1.5 hours. However, this will depend on your fitness and the weather etc. For details on the walk route and conditions, it is best to speak directly to Collbato Tourist Information. Aside from walking, there are no other forms of public transport between Montserrat Monastery and Collbato.

Collbato is a town with 3000 inhabitants, with an area of 18km2. It forms part of the Montserrat natural park.

Tip All of the villages that surround Montserrat Monastery are located in the Montserrat national park. If you are interested in finding out more, check our Montserrat Natural Park page.

For an overview of all of the hotel options in and surrounding Montserrat, see our Montserrat Hotels Overview page. Here you can gain a general idea of all of the accommodation options that are available to you. Maybe you would like the simple convenience of being situated right in the heart of the Montserrat Monastery. Or maybe sharing stories and dinner tables with the walkers, cyclists an climbers of Montserrat in one of the small surrounding villages is more your cup of tea.

Many people make trips to Montserrat for more than one day. This will be of particular interest to you if you would like to do some walking or some climbing in the Montserrat Natural Park surrounding the Monastery. It could also be of interest to you if you wish to make a more in-depth spiritual pilgrimage to the Monastery.

There are a variety of affordable options for places to stay that are close to Montserrat (see above) - do some research into the different villages in the Natural Park and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Your hotel could prove to be more than just a place to lay your head if you find that it is located in a lovely little village.

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