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Review of Hostal Guilleumes in Montserrat Close to Montserrat Monastery

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Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol
Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol

Hostal Guilleumes is a small and simple hostal that sits at the foot of Montserrat Mountain, in the small town of Monistrol. It offers a convenient and pleasant place to stay if you are not able to stay at Montserrat Monastery itself. Of all of the towns surrounding Montserrat, Monistrol is the only one that offers public transport options to Montserrat Monastery - making it a convenient option for return trips to the Monastery. Monistrol itself also offers a nice place to stay - with a handful of bars, shops and places of historical interest (see below for more details).

The town square and market outside Hostal Guilleumes
The town square and market outside Hostal Guilleumes

This page will provide all of the details that you will require when considering a stay at Hostal Guilleumes: the facilities including the bar, restaurant and other services; the disabled facilities at the hostal; the hostal's location in relation to Montserrat Monastery; the size and number of rooms; how to get to the hostal and a general overview to the hostal.

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Hostal Facilities

Eating at the hostal:

Hostal Guilleumes has its own small bar/restaurant area, which also doubles as reception.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room and served every day in the restaurant. It consists of croissant, toast, marmalades, coffee and orange juice.

The style of the food for lunch and dinner is typically Catalan. They pride themselves on serving typical local dishes such as chick peas, cod and Montserrat tomatoes. Lunch is available at the restaurant and is a set price menu.

During my stay I enjoyed a set price dinner at the Hostal Guilleumes Restaurant. The standard of the food was impressive. A tomato and mozzarella salad was fresh and substantial, pork and potatoes were simple yet satisfying and the mel i mato (a local classic of fresh cheese and honey) was delicious. The service was friendly and efficient and the atmosphere was warm.

I was asked when checking in whether I wanted to book a place at dinner - I didn't commit at that time, but had no problems getting a table later on that evening. However, it is worth noting that during the summer months, when the town becomes busier, it may be worth booking a table. There are only a handful of restaurants in Monistrol and a lot of these only open for lunch.

There is no pool or gym at the hostal. Pets are not allowed to stay on the hostal.

Facilities for the disabled

Unfortunately there are no rooms at Hostal Guilleumes that have been adapted for you if you are a limited mobility traveller. There are four ground floor rooms that don't require access by stairs. However, they do not have widened doors or adapted bathrooms.

Business facilities

There are no specific business facilities at the hostal. There are no meeting rooms and no other special facilities. However, there is an internet connection and a computer for use (see below).

WiFi in the hostal:

There is a computer on the premises - in the bar/restaurant area and each customer to the hostal is allowed twenty minutes of free internet access each day. However, the staff are quite flexible on timings and have only created a rule on timings to ensure that all customers are given a chance to use the internet. If you are using the computer at a quieter time, they are likely to allow you to use it for longer.

Also, if you bring your own laptop, you can access the wireless internet connection (ask staff at reception for the code) and use it for as long as you like.


There are a total of 11 rooms in the hotel.

Rooms available are:
Double room for individual use.
Double room.
Triple room
Four person room

Each room offers the following service:
Heating and air conditioning
Individual bathroom with shower, toilet and sink (towels are also provided)

Tip When booking your room it is worth requesting one of the rooms that offer views of the Montserrat Mountain. These rooms are not specified on the website, however they offer superb views of the distinctive terrain of Montserrat Mountain.

Hotel location

A cobbled street in Monistrol - the home of Hostal Guilleumes
A cobbled street in Monistrol - the home of Hostal Guilleumes

The hostal is located at the heart of the small town of Monistrol (see below for the address). You can enter the town of Monistrol over a Gothic bridge that crosses over the River Llobregat. There is an old church in the town called the Church of Sant Pere. Throughout the small and hilly town you will find small and quaint squares such as Plaça de la Font Gat and Plaça del Bo-Bo. In general it is a sleepy town (most shops will close for siesta from about 14:00 - 17:00), but you will find the odd bar and cafe. It is best to ask the friendly staff at reception about what is open during your visit.

For further details on the history, population and location of Monistrol, see our Guide to Cheap Hotels Close to Montserrat. Check the Monistrol section of the page.

How to get there from Monistrol station

If you are coming to Montserrat from Barcelona, you are likely to be Catching the train from Barcelona city centre. If this is the case, you should stay on the train until you arrive at the the stop that is called Monistrol de Montserrat (do not get off at Montserrat-Aeri).

On arriving at Monistrol de Montserrat station, you will need to head down towards the river (this is easy to do as you will be able to see the river from the train station) - this will take about two minutes walking. Once you have arrived at the River Llobregat, cross the bridge to enter the town of Monistrol. At this point you will have reached the town of Monistrol. Follow signs for the town hall - "Ayuntamiento" (be prepared for a hilly walk - this can be a struggle if you have a lot to carry). It will take you about ten to fifteen minutes to find the square where the town hall is situated. In the square you will see a sign pointing to Hostal Guilleumes. The hostal is about two minutes walk up the hill from that sign.

In a nutshell:

Hostal Guilleumes is a hostal that is enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and monastery tourists. The services and rooms are clean and simple and if you're lucky you'll get a view of the mountain from your window. Staff at reception are friendly and eager to answer any queries that you might have. With affordable rates and a unique location at the heart of Montserrat natural park, Hostal Guilleumes is a good place to stay on a trip to the area.


Hostal Guilleumes
Carrer Guilleumes, 3
08691 Monistrol de Montserrat, España.


Tel: +34 93 828 4065

E-mail: ho[email protected]

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