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Overview to Hotels On and Close to Montserrat Monastery

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Hotel Abat Cisneros next to Montserrat Monastery
Hotel Abat Cisneros next to Montserrat Monastery
If you wish to visit Montserrat and stay in a hotel close to the Monastery, there are a variety of options: you can stay in the hotel that is at Montserrat Monastery (Hotel Abat Cisneros), you can stay at the apartments next to Montserrat Monastery (Abat Marcet Apartments), or you can find accommodation in one of the small towns that surround Montserrat Monastery. When deciding which accommodation choice is best suited to you, it is best to take into consideration prices, availability and convenience.

This page will provide links to detailed pages on Hotel Abat Cisneros, Abat Marcet Apartments and cheap accommodation that is close to the Monastery. These pages will provide contact details, booking information, advice on how to get there and some hotel reviews. There is also information on this page regarding the pros and cons of each accommodation option.

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Hotel at Montserrat Monastery: Hotel Abat Cisneros

Hotel Abat Cisneros is the only hotel that is actually located at Montserrat Monastery. It is located less than one minute's walk from the Montserrat Basilica and allows visitors to be located at the very heart of Montserrat life.

It is a reasonably small hotel - it has 82 rooms and space for a total of 153 guests. The difficulty with this is that it can often be difficult to get a room in the hotel. Therefore, if you would like to stay in Hotel Abat Cisneros, it is best to try to book a room as far in advance as possible. You will also find that you will be more likely to be able to get a room in the off-season months outside of summer time.

It is a three star hotel - ensuring that it is more affordable than you might imagine (see the review page for more details on prices). Views from the rooms will allow you to take in the whole of Montserrat Monastery and the surrounding Llobregat Valley.

For a full review of Hotel Abat Cisneros, with details on facilities, rooms, disabled access, restaurant services, how to book and how to get there, see our Independent Review of Hotel Abat Cisneros.

Abat Marcet Apartments

Abat Marcet Apartments at Montserrat Monastery
Abat Marcet Apartments at Montserrat Monastery

The apartments at Montserrat could prove to be one of the most affordable ways of staying at the very heart of Montserrat. They offer a lot more rooms than the hotel - a total of 92 (with space for 260 people) - making your chances of being able to book a room higher than they are at Hotel Abat Cisneros (above).

They also have the added bonus of having rooms for up to four people. If you stay there, you will be able to save money on food by availing of the fully equipped kitchen that you will have in your apartment.

For a complete run down on the apartments at Montserrat, including detailed advice on how to book, room types, disabled access and facilities at the apartments, see our Guide to Montserrat Apartments.

Accommodation Close to Montserrat Monastery

Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol - near Montserrat
Hostal Guilleumes in Monistrol - near Montserrat

When you go to book your accommodation at Montserrat, you may find that the two Montserrat accommodation options listed above are fully booked. If this is the case you will need to find accommodation elsewhere.

It is worth noting that the only town that is close to Montserrat that offers public transport up to Montserrat Monastery is Monistrol. This is something to think about when you are booking your accommodation - if you wish to make a return visit to Montserrat Monastery it would be the simplest option to stay in one of the hotels in Monistrol. However, if you plan on seeing more of Montserrat than just the Monastery, any one of the nearby towns could prove an interesting and picturesque place to spend a night between days of walking cycling or climbing.

View from outside Hostal Guilleumes
View from outside Hostal Guilleumes

If you plan on staying at or close to Montserrat, it is worth booking your accommodation as far in advance as possible. The very nature of Montserrat Monastery means that it is quite isolated and the accommodation options in the area are finite. However, once you have booked, you should find that most of the options that are available are of an impressive standard. Even if you are staying in a very basic hostal, the chances are that you will be able to look out of your window and see some beautiful surroundings.

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