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Montserrat Art and Craft Shops: Shopping Options at Montserrat Monastery

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La Botiga Shop in Montserrat
La Botiga Shop in Montserrat
If you are at Montserrat and you are looking for somewhere to buy materials for your own arts and crafts, there are not really any options. However, if you would like to buy arts and crafts produced by the Monks themselves in Montserrat, there is a wide variety of choice available to you. The main shop at Montserrat is called La Botiga and it sits right at the heart of the Montserrat Monastery - it offers the biggest selection of artisan Montserrat products.

This page will provide details on where to buy arts and crafts in the Montserrat shops, plus the types of arts and crafts that are available. It will also provide links to details about all of the shops that are available in Montserrat.

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La Botiga

La Botiga is the largest shop in the Montserrat Monastery. It is located directly opposite the exit for the rack railway station and is set across three rooms. The objects on offer across the three rooms all have an element of art and crafts to them.

In the first room (the one that is furthest from La Cafeteria) you will find artisan food made on site in the bakery and the workshops. This includes marmalades, alcohols made using the herbs on Montserrat mountain, olive oils, cured meats, pastries, cheeses, honeys and chocolates.

In the second room you will mostly find children's toys. Some of these include the likes of colouring pens and colouring books and could arguably be called arts and crafts.

In the third room (the one that is closest to La Cafeteria) you will find a range of souvenirs and gifts. These include handmade jewellery, ornaments and religious relics. There are many different interpretations of the Black Madonna available to buy.

Where is the La Botiga Shop?

The La Botiga shop is located directly opposite the rack railway station in Montserrat. It sits between the main tourist information office and La Cafeteria.

Opening times of the La Botiga Montserrat shop:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:45
Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 19:45

What about the other shops in Montserrat?

If you would like more general information about the other shops that are in Montserrat, see our Guide to the Shops in Montserrat page. Here you will also find more detailed information on the ideology behind the shops at Montserrat and the monastery's desire to make them feel like workshops, selling produce that is made on site and in the surrounding area.

If you are hoping to find art materials shops at Montserrat you may be disappointed. However. If you are in search of shops selling locally made artisan products, that is an impressive selection on display at Montserrat.

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