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Portes Endins Shop in Montserrat
Portes Endins Shop in Montserrat
On your trip to Montserrat, if you are hoping to do some book shopping, you will not be disappointed. The Portes Endins shop that is located inside the Espai Audio Visual is almost completely dedicated to religiously themed books and guide books of Montserrat. You will also be excited to know that there is a book publishers in Montserrat that publish books under the title Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat.

This page will provide details on where to buy books in the Montserrat shops, plus the types of books that are available. It will also provide links to details about all of the shops that are available in Montserrat.

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Portes Endins Shop (Espai Audiovisual)

The Portes Endins shop is, above all else, a bookshop. It sells books printed by the Montserrat printing press. This printing press was set up to produce prints of prayers and other religious writings in different languages. Books on sale include the following:

  • Children's books (unfortunately these are all in Catalan or Castellano).
  • Novels (unfortunately these are all in Catalan or Castellano).
  • Prayer books
  • Bibles
  • Guide books: there is a wide selection of guide books. Some are about Montserrat in general and others cover more specific topics such as the Black Madonna or the architecture of Montserrat.
  • There is also a large collection of music CDs at the Porte Endins shop. These include CDs of the Montserrat choir.

    You will also find postcards, candles, incense and other gift ideas in the Porte Endins shop.

    Where is the Portes Endins Shop?

    The Porte Endins shop is located inside the Espai Audio Visual. The Espai Audio is located on the path that leads from the main square to St Mary's square. It is to the left of the large Tourist Information office if you are facing the office.

    Opening times of the Montserrat Portes Endins shop:

    Month Day Time
    January - December Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:45
    Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 18:45
    Public Holiday 09:00 - 18:45

    What about the other shops in Montserrat?

    If you would like more general information about the other shops that are in Montserrat, see our Guide to the Shops in Montserrat page. Here you will also find further information on the printing press that is located in Montserrat.

    Tip It is worth noting that there are also small book selections available in all of the other shops in Montserrat. In general the books on sale here are the ones directly linked to Montserrat - guide books and coffee table photo books. However, perhaps this is all you need if you are looking for a souvenir. They will also be particularity useful if you do not speak Spanish - the Montserrat guide books are the ones most likely to be sold in a variety of languages.

    Montserrat offers a wide selection of books. Unfortunately, if you don't speak Catalan or Castellano, the more obscure options will not be available to you. But take a wander around the Portes Endins bookshop and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.

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