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Montserrat Shops: Guide to Shopping Options at Montserrat Monastery

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There are four gift shops at Montserrat Monastery. There is also a supermarket, and there are stalls selling fresh local produce. The concept behind the main gift shops is that they should resemble the old workshops from medieval times at Montserrat. This means that in medieval times, the monks would welcome pilgrims to the monastery with food and gifts made in the sanctuary workshops. For this reason, the shops have a similar atmosphere and style: cakes and pastries are sold from the bakery, liqueurs are sold that are made from Montserrat mountain herbs, and pottery is on sale that is made by the monks of Montserrat.

There is also a printing press at Montserrat and books from the press are sold at the Espai Audio Visual shop (see below).

This page will provide all of the necessary information about the shops at Montserrat: opening times and location of each shop, plus information regarding what is on sale at each shop. There are also links to more detailed pages regarding where you can buy cards, arts and crafts, music and books at Montserrat.

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La Botiga

La Botiga in Montserrat
La Botiga in Montserrat

La Botiga is the largest shop in the Montserrat Monastery. It is located directly opposite the exit for the rack railway station and is set across three rooms. The objects on offer across the three rooms can be split into three main categories:

  • Food: marmalades, alcohols, olive oils, cured meats, pasties, cheeses, honeys and chocolates are all available.
  • Children's toy: stationery, cuddly toys, children's clothes and games.
  • Souvenirs and gifts: jewellery, ornaments, religious relics, guidebooks, postcards and mosaics.
  • Where is the La Botiga Shop?
    The La Botiga shop is located directly opposite the rack railway station. It sits between the main tourist information office and La Cafeteria.

    Opening times of the La Botiga shop:
    Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
    Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 18:45

    Montserrat Museum Shop

    Montserrat Museum in Montserrat
    Montserrat Museum in Montserrat

    Located inside the Montserrat Museum, there is a smaller shop. This shop sells souvenirs, books and postcards. It does not offer any of the food produce that is available at La Botiga. It also has no children's games or toys. However, it does have some stationary.

    For more information about the museum itself, see our Montserrat Museum page.

    Where is the Museum Shop?
    The Museum Shop is located next to the entrance to the museum, inside the museum building. Montserrat Museum is located under St Mary's Square. The entrance is between the steps leading to the main square and the St Mary's Square.

    Opening Times of the Museum Shop:

    Day Time
    Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 17:45

    Portes Endins Shop (Espai Audiovisual)

    Portes Endins Shop in Montserrat
    Portes Endins Shop in Montserrat

    The Portes Endins shop is, first and foremost, a bookshop. It sells books printed by the Montserrat printing press. This printing press was set up to produce prints of prayers and other religious writings in different languages. The publishing company is now called Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat. Books on sale are not just from this publishing company and you will find everything from children's books to guide books to novels.

    There is also a large collection of music CDs at the Porte Endins shop. These include CDs of the Montserrat choir.

    You will also find postcards, candles, incense and other gift ideas in the Porte Endins shop.

    Where is the Portes Endins Shop?
    The Porte Endins shop is located inside the Espai Audio Visual. The Espai Audio is located on the path that leads from the main square to St Mary's square. It is to the left of the large Tourist Information office if you are facing the office.

    Opening times of the Portes Endins shop:

    Month Day Time
    January - December Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:45
    Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 18:45
    Public Holiday 09:00 - 18:45

    'Apostles' Scenic Viewpoint Shop

    The Apostles Scenic Viewpoint Shop sells similar items to those available at the Museum shop (see above).

    Where is the Apostles Scenic Viewpoint Shop?
    The Apostles Scenic Viewpoint Shop is located inside the Miradors dels Apostles building in Montserrat. This building is located next to the car park at the far left of Montserrat Monastery if you are facing the rack railway station. It is a small shop at the entrance to the building.

    Montserrat food shops

    Queviures Supermarket in Montserrat
    Queviures Supermarket in Montserrat

    It is also worth noting that there is a supermarket at Montserrat where you can pick up ingredients for a picnic lunch or for dinner if you are staying in the apartments on Montserrat. For further details, see our guide to restaurants at Montserrat.

    There are also a selection of market stalls at Montserrat that sell local produce including cheese, honey and fig cakes. For more information on where they are and what they have to offer, see our Guide to Restaurants at Montserrat.

    Location of the shops in Montserrat

    For details of the locations of the various shops at Montserrat, check our Map of Montserrat page.

    Disabled Access

    There is full disabled access to all of the shops at Montserrat. For details of limited mobility accessibility, you can check our Disabled Access at Montserrat page.

    Arts and crafts shops

    If you would like more detailed information on where you can purchase art and crafts whilst you are at Montserrat you can check our Montserrat Art and Crafts Shops page page. Here you will find information on which of the above shops will provide the best collection of art and crafts and what it is that they have to offer.

    Music shops

    Many people who come to Montserrat don't want to leave without a memento of the famous L'Escolania choir who sing in the basilica. For details on where to go to buy CDs of their recordings, see our Music at Montserrat page.

    Book shops

    For more detailed information on the Portes Endins shop and what it has to offer, see our page on Bookshops at Montserrat.

    Card shops in Montserrat

    If you are looking for greetings cards or postcards during your visit to Montserrat, take a look at our Card Shops at Montserrat page for explanations of where you can find cards at the shops listed above.

    There are shops catering to all tastes and ages at Montserrat. If you are looking for something specific, have a look at our more detailed pages (links are above). However, if you would just like to take away a small memento with you, have a browse in La Botiga and you are sure to find something that you would like to take home with you.

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