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Montserrat Tours: Organized Tours from Barcelona to Montserrat Monastery in Catalonia, Spain

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If you are visiting Barcelona for more than just a few days it is worth considering a trip to Montserrat which, for many of our site visitors, has been the highlight of their trip.

Montserrat Monastery
Montserrat Monastery

Montserrat is a truly stunningly beautiful region of Catalunya just over an hour by train from Barcelona. The white and pink stone of the mountains of Montserrat tower into the sky and cradled in these mountains is a Benedictine Monastery with breathtaking views of Catalunya.

Book tickets for your half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona with return journey

There are two organized tours that save you the time and trouble of organizing your own trip to Montserrat. They include return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat in an air conditioned bus. You can choose either a half day morning tour or half day afternoon tour.

Morning Tour

Booking Information Click here to book your tickets online for the Montserrat Morning guided tour leaving from Barcelona

The famous Montserrat l'Escolania Boy's Choir
The famous Montserrat l'Escolania Boy's Choir

You can listen to the world famous Monsterrat choir boys singing in the Basilica which amplifies the already wonderous atmosphere you have from this beautiful mountain Benedictine retreat.

You will also see the World famous "Black Madonna" statue that is also housed in the Basilica.

Click to hear a small sample of the Montserrat Choir Boys in the Basilica

Montserrat nature views
Beautiful wildlife mountain views

Then stroll along the moutain walk ways and take in the views.

The stunning natural beauty of Montserrat has made such an impression on our site visitors that their visit created an indelibly fond memory. We have received messages from site visitors expressing how much they would like to return to Montserrat - some of these email are after a visit 10 years ago.

This page provides a selection of organized trips to Montserrat. All of these tours are offered by officially registered professional tour organziations.

Each of these trips includes round trip transportation along with a fully qualified guide that can help you get the most out of your trip. Click on any one of the buttons below to learn more about each tour.

Although the most popular Montserrat tours shown below are the Montserrat Morning tour and the Montserrat afternoon tour many of the other tours include other activities e.g. wine tasting or visits to other attractions in Barcelona.

We recommend you take your time to review each one to decide which Montserrat tour meets your specific requirements.

All the Montserrat tours below leave from Barcelona.

Montserrat Monastery Guided Tour (Morning tour) with Audiovisual Space. Leaving from Barcelona.

Montserrat Monastery Guided Visit (Early Morning) with Audiovisual Space and Liquor Tasting.

Organized visits to Montserrat are the solution if you want to make the most of your visit to Monsterrat and would also like to socialise with like minded people or if you are interested in a stress-free way to arrange your visit. A professionally organized trip to Montserrat will ensure you get the most from your time and make your holiday planning easy and maybe you too will take home an indelibly fond memory of your visit to Montserrat.

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