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Taxis at Montserrat: How to Travel by Cab from Montserrat Monastery

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If you are planning a trip to Montserrat there are a variety of public transport options that are convenient and will also prove cheaper than a taxi journey (see below for more details). However, it is worth remembering that the public transport options do not always run (stopping later on in the evenings), so you may find yourself stranded on top of Montserrat Mountain and in need of a taxi. There is no taxi rank at Montserrat Monastery, but if you need one you can call and they will come to pick you up.

This page will provide contact details for the taxi company close to Montserrat Monastery. It will also give details of operating hours and advice on asking for help from Tourist Information at Montserrat Monastery.

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Can I catch a taxi at Montserrat?

Yes, it is possible to catch a taxi at Montserrat monastery. However, the company are not based at Montserrat Monastery, so you will need to call them and ask to be picked up (see below for more details). There is one company based in the small nearby village of Montserrat (approximately 5 minutes car drive from Montserrat Monastery) who can pick you up.

Taxi contact details at Montserrat

Marceli Taxis
Tel: +34 60 732 9946

You may find that if you call this number, you will not be able to speak to somebody in the language of your choice. However, if you head to one of the tourist information desks at Montserrat (see our Tourist Information at Montserrat page for details of their locations and opening times) they will call the taxi company on your behalf and arrange a pick-up.

Despite the fact that Montserrat is in a remote location, you will not find that there is any difficulty with mobile signal on Montserrat - so you will have no problems calling a taxi.

Operating hours for taxis at Montserrat?

The taxi company are available for pick-ups 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, it is important to remember that the tourist information stands at Montserrat are only open for certain hours (see above for more details). Once the tourist information stands at Montserrat are closed, you will have to call the taxi company yourself, and they will only be able to communicate with you in Catalan or Castilian.

Tip For information on public transport options from Barcelona to Montserrat that do not require a taxi, see our Barcelona to Montserrat by Train page for further details.

Can the taxi company offer disabled access taxis?

If you are a limited mobility traveller will be able to request a taxi with disabled access. This includes wheelchairs and scooters. However, Marceli Taxis request that you give one-day advanced notice if possible. They only have one taxi like this so you may have to wait longer from them to pick you up if you have not given them advance warning that you will need a specially adapted taxi.

Options other than taxis for getting to and from Montserrat?

In reality, a taxi to or from Montserrat should be a last resort due to the fact that it is expensive and not particularly convenient. If you would like to drive to Montserrat, it is worth considering hiring a car. For details on hiring a car to Montserrat, see our Car Hire Close to Montserrat page.

If you are heading to Montserrat from Barcelona, you have the option of the bus. This will take you directly to Montserrat Monastery from Barcelona City Centre and is very affordable. For further details, see our page on the Barcelona to Montserrat bus service.

You also have the option of taking the train from Barcelona city centre to the bottom of Montserrat mountain. For further details, see our Barcelona to Montserrat on the Train page. Once you have reached the bottom of Montserrat mountain, you can either take the Cable car to Montserrat Monastery or the Rack Railway to Montserrat Monastery.

If you find yourself stranded at Montserrat Monastery with no way of getting back down the mountain, a taxi could prove to be a real lifesaver. If you have no Spanish you are likely to find it difficult to speak to them on the telephone - you will be calling a busy call centre where staff speak very fast. However, Tourist Information at Montserrat are more than willing to help - ask them to call you a taxi and as long as there is one free you should not expect to wait more than ten minutes for it to pick you up.

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